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Nourishment in the Time of a Pandemic

There is a cookie recipe from a holocaust survivor that her grandson contributed to my cookbook.  I think of our present time and wonder what we will contribute to this next phase of our lives here on this Earth.  "T his is the sugar cookie recipe from my great grandmother (Baba),  Chana Dora Heitler. My mother was able to reconstruct the recipe, as Baba  never really measured anything out with precision. As a child I simply loved  the cookies, knowing anytime I would visit her in Nashville, there would be  a tin of them in her kitchen.  Baba was a holocaust survivor. After the German invasion of Poland, Baba,  my great-grandfather, and their three children escaped Lodz, and ended up in a forced labor camp in Siberia. There, my great-grandfather and my grand uncle died. Baba, my grandmother, and grand aunt escaped Siberia into Kazakhstan. Eventually they went back to Poland to search for any surviving family. From Poland they smuggled themselves into the American zone in a displ

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